Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Switching to Code::Blocks

Visual Studio started to have strange problems with the Microsoft account which made me rage quit and switch to Code::Blocks and gcc. I've made final compiles for Teemu and Brick Atelier with gcc and it was easy to set up Kaduria for it.

Code::Blocks is let's say less good than Visual Studio, but it's not that bad actually. All I had to fix were some missing c headers, because VC is "silently" including them. And fix some missing forward declarations. Then I built the project using some useful warnings and also -Wall. At the end of the day it's quite clean, couple of floating point comparisons left to fix. I did suppress 'write-strings' warning, because it's warning about things like printf("Hello"); not being const. I can get the reason behind it, but it's still one of those impossible warnings you don't need, because there are going to be billions of them.

The debugger of gcc is quite useless, but luckily I almost never need it. Most of the bugs I'm making can be found with static checking and warnings of "dumb" things you can easily write when tired etc.

Code::Blocks is surprisingly stable for open source program which is great, because without it there would be even less options to replace Visual Studio. One thing I didn't yet solve is how to get rid of the console window in SDL2. -mwindows doesn't seem to work.

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