Wednesday, 23 January 2019

The plan for source code release

I made a decision to put the source code of Kaduria in git. What does it mean? Well. Nothing. It means nothing really. I'm not abandoning the project or anything like that. There may be some bad things about releasing a source code of a project, but in this case they are not that important. Some good things are:

1. It follows a tradition. Many classical roguelikes are open source.

2. The source code is different than anything I have seen before. It's mostly object-oriented C++ with some procedural style code. Unlike many roguelike source codes it's also quite easy to read.

3. The modular programming style in C++ could give ideas how to manage large projects.

4. Working with github for VS is nice, because I can track the changes myself.

5. Some people will stop complaining about the progress or if the game actually exists.

6. Feedback on source code, possibly ideas to implement or fix something.

Before the release I'm going to finish the modular design and also clean up the code as much as possible. The modular design is not an easy task (in this project, because it is a refactoring thing), so it will take maybe even months to do.

From a player's point of view this release is annoying, because the gameplay is not yet ready at all. But maybe some day there will be a game.


  1. Hello, Krice. Good decision ;) It'll be interesting to get a closer peek at Kaduria development. For many "classical" Roguelikes, I think it makes sense to keep the source open. Web stores, crowdfunding etc. demand a pacing vis-à-vis the market, which can be detrimental to development ideals. And ambitious solo projects with a closed development process, do stand the risk of petering out without ever seeing the light of day. Wishing you productive times ahead, as always.

    1. One other thing is public pressure. I really have to look at my project with more critical way even now when I'm cleaning up the source code for the release. It's going to be less cool than I have imagined in my ego-filled mind. But let's hope it will force me to focus on improving it in a right way.