Sunday, 28 April 2019

Source code release plan update 2

Most of the text data is moved to external text files, but item descriptions are one of the larger parts not yet done. The modular design is also not yet decided and I guess there will be changes even after the project is in github.

I'm now unemployed, have been for couple of weeks. It's more time for projects like this, but somehow I feel there is strangely less time, because I have other stuff to do as well. I don't know how long I will be unemployed and in fact I'm not yet even technically unemployed, because I packed my vacation days in the end of the contract time. If you don't know what that means we get I think two days each month paid vacation which is mandatory, you can't avoid it. If you don't take days off from work those days will pack in the end of the contract. I never take vacation so I had 20 days extra time to be on vacation before I'm unemployed. I don't know what happens then, the last time I got a phone call to get in work.

Also, I'm in a middle of probably long process to get a new computer after using this Acer PC for almost 8 years I think. I could continue working with this, but it's started to run hot and getting a faster PC is better anyways, because Windows 10 and many programs require more power. I'm still keeping it quite slow and hopefully reliable rather than getting latest and fastest gear. Still seems like it's going to cost somewhere around 800-900€ when I'm building it myself. I don't know if it's a good idea, but this is the first time I'm building a PC myself. One of the reasons is that I didn't really find a good tower PC for a reasonable price. These days they are either ugly "gaming" PCs or small form factor "professional" PCs without a video card.

As I estimated in January preparing for source code release will take several months and even then there will be some old parts of the source code that are going to look funny, but they give a realistic picture how it can be difficult to keep the source code maintained even in this 50-60K range which I think is a middle sized roguelike in terms of lines of code.

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