Saturday, 19 September 2009

Data models

I'm back in refactoring. This time it's the way data is arranged. Back in while I thought it would be great to create a centralized database for object data, but I think it was not a bright idea, because it's kind of polluting global namespace, and besides when you need some data in some other place there is extra stuff included, which is not good for compile time.

So I'm in a process of making data more modular. An example would be profession, now a class of its own and including all data that is needed to know, like graphics frames for profession of certain type of race, or modifiers that professions have. Anything related to profession is stuffed to one module, and then that data is retrieved from creature class.

The role of centralized database could still remain, but different, like a base class for data.

The way I'm rewriting classes for data is quite flexible I think. It's easier to add stuff and reduce the amount of problems when something new is introduced. I think in general I'm also programming things in the proper order, starting from "abstract" data that has small number of connections that could break.

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