Thursday, 22 October 2009

The journey of item data extraction

The item data is now extracted from the external data file to a text file that has matching enums for data, kind of automatic binary to source conversion. The reason I chose to use external data was not that bright, but I was much younger then. In the end I finally came to a conclusion that external binary data was causing too much problems in form of synchronization. It's not like impossible task to maintain two sets of data and keep them synchronized (I'm talking about the source codes of editor and Kaduria), but I think it's better this way.

I also try to minimize the manual data and see if it's possible to calculate the rest of data from basic blocks. Like estimating the weight of item by size and material. It's probably going to work good enough, but I don't know yet.

I'm now starting to think that even scripting is better idea than binary data, while I'm still convinced that it's possible to write a role-playing game without scripting.


  1. So you will now invent your own scripting language for Kaduria?

  2. No. There is no need for that. But who knows, maybe I will use scripting in my next project.