Saturday, 12 December 2009

Gui troubles

One of the problems in Gui is how to prevent updates on certain part of the screen more than once during movement. This thing has given me more work than expected. Some games solve this by updating always everything, but I think in somewhat heavy graphical roguelike it's not a good option. I got great speed up results in gameview code when updating only those tiles that were changed.

When creating a class for stats I decided to move some Gui routines and data there. I'm getting a double update from one of the stats (food counter). The reason is in the logic of update. If a stat is changed it's updated, but since it can change in fractions (all stats are float values) every change is counted and redrawn. I have an idea how to fix that, but I really wish I could so something else than work with Gui. You would expect it to be ready by now.

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