Friday, 26 November 2010

Bugs of Kaduria

The current version 0.4.9 has three known open bugs:

16. When throwing item against a wall, it hits the player (z-location problem in collision detection)
13. Top area flickering when message shown
3. When in fullscreen SDL aligns all open windows to right side of screen (remove fullscreen option?)

Each of them are kind of hard to fix. Z-location problem is related to how the game sees the z-direction (depth) and it's an issue that needs either manual fixing or a big rewrite of engine to actually support third dimension (even the gameview will stay 2-dimensional). Bug #13 is annoying, but could be easy to fix. Bug #3 is SDL related and can't be fixed by me. I noticed that when I exit fullscreen every open window is moved to right side of the screen. I hope there will be new SDL version to fix that one.

The total bug count is 28 for 0.4.9. I try to fix bugs when I find them and keep the bug count low. The release version will hopefully contain zero known bugs, just as in Teemu. I think it's doable and the current situation looks quite good. The engine seems to be stable and there haven't been crashes for a long time actually.