Saturday, 25 December 2010


In order to search you need to have something hidden. Traps and doors are obvious... wait, doors aren't obvious. I have problems trying to figure out how to hide the door. Will it look like a wall? How is this wall tile handled, is it a normal terrain map wall? What happens if X happens to that wall (which isn't a door). Stuff like that.

Then there is an issue with hidden items. At first they were in a special list in the level, but I realized that handling hidden items will be more logical when they are inside the object which is hiding them. So, in order to get hidden items feature I have to write (possibly) a virtual mechanism for them, adding another type of container for hidden items. It could be easy now when container ability is ready, but you never know.

I'm also planning a data type for the search routine. It will continue the style I've been using in data-driven types. I have developed a certain kind of routine in programming for them so the data type will be quite easy to do, but it's always a matter of how it will be used in the rest of the source code. Programming data types for stuff like that may sound strange, but I'm always trying to reduce switch-case programming, because modular data types are so much easier to extend when you need to add something new, and they are also modular, meaning that when you get that module ready you can pretty much forget it and focus on other parts of the source code.

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