Thursday, 19 April 2012

Wall design

It's odd that I didn't think of this before, but I needed a design for walls that are used in level themes. It's a distinctive difference in the way I'm thinking game design now and then. So I wrote a design for walls which was a good idea, because now I finally know what types of walls I really need. Before this kind of thinking you just throw in some stuff without a clear plan how and where to use different types of walls. But now I have divided walls into 13 types which some are special walls like what nornokians made in Snow Top. They made stone walls from large, well-fitting granite stones. A remarkable skill that was lost with them.


  1. Hey, any chance of an overview of the game you're aiming for (features)? It's looking good, keep it up!!

  2. I don't know it yet. Most likely the gameplay will be slightly more complex than a typical 7DRL, but you never know.