Sunday, 5 August 2012

Last two months

I noticed from done list that last item is from two months ago. Of course I've been programming Teemu for a while, but it's not cool to have too long pause from the development of any project. Since I went to work I have less time for programming, but I think the amount of time is not the issue. I think it's not the issue for anyone unless something really takes all your time.

As I mentioned in Teemu's blog it's mostly the attempt to create good source code which is taking time along with the design of role-playing system and some other aspects of the gameplay. If you don't know how the rpg system works it's impossible to program it. I have some kind of idea, but it's not making things ready. The worst thing is that you need to cut down the amount of stuff you think you were planning which can lead to a game that is no more than a typical roguelike. It's not that next generation game you were planning. It may even suck as a game.

At this point I don't even need to hurry up. I have all the time in the world. I just have difficulties to use that time to finish this project.

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