Sunday, 27 January 2013

Special theme rooms

Some level themes have important rooms which has to be created. I was thinking of returning a room type from the order of rooms made, but it failed. The reason is the way I'm creating corridors first, then rooms in the center of corridor nodes. Sometimes nodes are too close each other and one (or both) of the rooms is not made. This kind of creation makes it impossible to make sure that the first room theme is created.

So it's back to planning. I do have special rooms which are created after other room types. I had planned it for shops and rooms like that. But it can't be used in this case, because important rooms must come first and everything else created around them. In best case scenario I'm able to use old special room routine, just place it first before other rooms are created. All that and more will be revealed in the next episode of Kaduria - The Blog.

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