Friday, 8 February 2013


The room interior development is increasing LOC fast, it's now over 45 000 lines. Room interiors are interesting and fun to create, because there are lots of options to add in any room type and you can really start to think where all those game objects you invented earlier can be used. I have the basic creation tools ready so it's also quite easy to work with rooms. There is a lot of source code needed for special rooms like shops and other more complex types. However I don't want to limit my imagination here but create all the room types no matter how many is required.


  1. hi, i'm really interested in the topic of rooms (and structures) generation, could you please elaborate more about the approach you used, or hand me some interesting source of informations?


  2. The main idea in rooms is that each of the properties is as independent as possible. Room starts with a size and shape, then walls and floors are selected by style and finally room interior is added. This way you can make room creation flexible and adaptate the room into different level themes and styles. In some cases it's difficult (or impossible) to make every shape work with every interior, but it's useful in most cases.

    Some rooms have static structures, but they can be changed sligtly by adding random decay, objects etc. I think static structures have their place in random generation, because you can create complex structures much easier that way.

  3. Thank you for your explanation, i'm quite new in this environment ,so everything is quite a surprise