Friday, 19 April 2013

Room refactoring

Yesterday was a bit depressed, because I have to refactor rooms - again. How long it's going to take to get this right? The plan requires a new kind of connection scheme for rooms which are generated "rogue" without corridor nodes. Of course I started to think all sorts of ways to connect rooms - with other rooms, caverns or whatever. I'm thinking too much.

Today it seems to be easier to start with simple tasks. First, rooms need more detailed connection data which means they know exactly where they are connected and how. The second task is creating manual connection routine between rooms and checking out existing connections. After that it starts to get complicated, but I can only test it to see how everything else works with rooms.

It may be not that difficult as it seems, because I have created a lot of routines and most of the refactoring is using those routines slightly different way.

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