Sunday, 22 September 2013

Bronze age style

I'm reading "Bronze Age Military Equipment" by Dan Howard. It's a cool book, because not only it tells about weapons of that age, but also how they were used and tactics involved in warfare. I was always thinking Kaduria will be low fantasy, but now I'm more convinced that it could be even lower!

Bronze weapons could be the main stuff used in combat, or even stone age weapons. The setting could be in between fantasy style bronze and iron age, making iron weapons extremely rare and efficient. This was the case in real life when metal weapons were invented. First they were used by only few, rulers and their elite troops. This historical fact could be a source of interesting weapon distribution where a simple iron sword is hard to find.

In fantasy context low fantasy doesn't mean there is no magic. In fact magic could be a noticeable part of the gameplay, possibly making it even more important than in regular role-playing games.

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