Sunday, 25 May 2014

Lights out

I wish I had more exciting news, but today I'm planning to remove light items from tools, because it's possible to put light items in tool and light slots, "double use" them. Usable items will also have a dedicated use command to use the item in the tool slot. It could be also nice to have a key for light slot to put off light fast if you need to hide in darkness. More direct keyboard commands is merrier.

There's been more than month's break in development of Kaduria. Not unheard of, but it reflects the problems I have in my so called real life. It's bad enough to have a poor quality of life, but it's even worse to be aware of it. That awareness sucks the most I guess. So what to do? I have plans... but if they work as well as the plan of Kaduria, we might have to wait for some time before anything happens.

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