Thursday, 30 October 2014

Regaining motivation

I took couple of weeks off from programming, partly because I was a bit depressed during the process when I knew I was becoming unemployed. But somehow programming is my "safe place", it makes me enter a state of mind, just like when I'm painting. So it's easy to return even I wouldn't care so much about other aspects of game development.

I have mainly tweaked the source code, trying to improve some technical things. I think it's important to maintain the source code in language level, because it then makes easier to create the actual game content. One thing I've noticed is that I don't use inheritance as much as would be possible. I realized it could be used relatively safely in type classes of game objects. They all share common functionality which could be put into a base class without breaking anything. The problem with inheritance is when it actually requires large scale changes. Then it may be a lot of work for no actual reason other than to improve OOP paradigm which in itself doesn't mean anything in context of game design. No one knows or cares what kind of paradigm was used to create the game.

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