Monday, 30 March 2015

Project management goal reached

Source code comments with "note:" or "todo:" are now in a text file list of todo features. They are listed per class. Someone might ask what is the difference? I think it helps focusing on fixing features in certain order and it also gives some kind of idea of how much work there is.

The list has around 100 features which needs to be fixed. Some features are stuff like moving source code from other parts of the project to a specific data type class. Harder features are those which contain lots of data or they are part of the RPG system. If you think you can fix a feature per day it may give a good idea about how much time you need, but it's highly theoretic, because some features will take more than one day to fix.

In reality it's worse than that, because these features cover only some of the game content which is still a big unknown. Not only that, but I still have to do a complete check through source files to find all unfinished features. These ones were marked so I could find them easily.

It's possible to crunch away a number of features at a time, but it may become hard to maintain your mental stability. Yet I hope it's going to be lot faster than one feature per day, because fixing these features is surely going to be an important step closer to alpha demo v0.001.

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