Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Recovering from game object hierarchy change

The main problem in the reduction of base class from location data were all functions that were using location. I'm really glad that there aren't many of those. Mainly the way objects were able to set their map frame by themselves and in other miscellaneous routines such as traps that had built-in routines for triggerers while it should have been the other way round by the design which means the action happens in the triggerer's class and the trap is simply providing data for what happens.

Even the number of routines that need fixing is relatively small it still takes some days maybe to fix them all. Traps are also a special case, because they can be triggered by other moving objects than monsters but there are no routines to handle those other movers. It could be quite nice to give at least some degree of functionality to things like barrels pushed on trap and then the trap is making some stuff happen to the barrel.

The most complex and time consuming routines seem to be interactions between game objects. Traps are the easiest one to handle while digging seems to be extra hard when everything can be interacted with the pick-axe.

Still even with all this hassle I think I made a right decision to reduce the base class and make the inheritance chain contain more classes that handle their particular task. It's going to make things easier in the future when all things are more or less where they should be. And it's also going to reduce both memory consumption and save game size.

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