Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Journey onward

About a week ago I got a second flu. This one was easier and I'm getting better, but I have been sick for month and a half! Today I tried to continue Kaduria, but it seems to get more difficult all the time. The source is full of problems that need to be fixed, but many of them are scattered and need fixes in many places and I'm always confused about how to fix problems that are like that. Then there are "impossible" features like sleeping. For some reason I wanted to show a graphical camping scene when sleeping, but it's just impossible, because monsters are moving and when they move the gameview is updated... maybe if there was a possibility to check the sleeping in one place before updating anything then it would be possible. But I think I'm going to settle for easier solution and show only the gameview when the player is sleeping.


  1. This kind of problems don't really tell about good design or quality code. Shouldn't logic and graphics be separated a bit more?

    What kind of pieces of world is "alive" at a time, or is it the whole world?

  2. I guess it's not designed "properly", keeping output and logic separated. Quality can be measured many ways. I think four (4) open bugs in a project this size tells something about quality. And the number of problems is actually quite low. Sometimes it's better skip or change some feature rather than try to refactor the engine to support that feature.