Monday, 2 January 2012


Testing the game while creating it may be a good idea in most of cases. However I now think that there is a place and time for testing, too. Kaduria has seen a lot of refactoring and testing that was done then was a huge waste of time after all. The funny thing is that I never questioned my style of programming until now. I also have a habit to compile maybe too often. It's another way to waste time, since in most of cases compile happens without errors. It would be obvious even after longer sessions of writing code.

These two, testing and compiling, are things that I try to cut down to stop wasting time for no reason. Testing in this state of development should be done actually when the gameplay is more or less ready.

Here is the new gameview I was talking about earlier:

Two sections of right side area still missing. I'm thinking of leaving the "mini"-map (it's a debug version routine), but without object list (or show only monsters).


  1. Simple graphics style could be a good choice. These 32x32 tiles were scaled from 24x24 so they don't look that sharp. Now I know better to wait until the gameplay is ready and then start to draw graphics. The final tile size may even be bigger than 32x32. Another option is change the gameview to push scrolling style and increase the size of gameview from 17x17 tiles to more traditional roguelike style, something like 40x20. But for now tiles are the least of worries, I'll deal with them later.