Monday, 27 February 2012


Spring seems to be slow time for roguelike development. However professor Biskup is working on ADOM 2. I tried early versions and now waiting for some kind of final release with stuff. One thing I noticed is the size of levels and places. This is something I have thought, because many modern roguelikes have big levels which isn't a good thing per se.

Old roguelikes got it right, because the console had limited size, like 80x25 or 80x24 characters. The size of level has a big effect on the gameplay. Not only it makes navigating nicer (less keypresses required to move around) but it also makes tactical combat more focused, because things happen faster in smaller space.

Of course you can have the best of both worlds. Big levels can have their own purpose sometimes, but I'm planning to keep regular levels of Kaduria quite small. Tweaking the size of a particular level theme is a science of its own.

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