Sunday, 27 October 2013

Refactoring Menu class

Menu class itself was surprisingly easy to change from raw text data to std::list. Item menu was rewritten earlier so I skipped checking it and moved on to refactor "regular" menus with simple text as items. It took a day to change all menus, because the constructor parameters changed and now you didn't pass a text buffer to menu but items one by one as const char data.

The data for menu items was available in data structures of most data-driven stuff so it made the source code better, because all those temporary text buffers were removed. The game doesn't actually have a lot of menus and most of them were mainly in debug routines.

I had a good feeling when I programmed today and hope it continues. I also think the best way for me to manage this project is to make a focused plan of something and then try to concentrate on it hard. It gives good results fast when I know what to do.

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