Thursday, 10 October 2013

Refactoring Window class

As a part of quite important menu refactoring Windows class had to be refactored. There were two classes, with regular and small fonts. They were merged into one. The resulted class was easy to refactor per se, but several windows initializations had to be refactored.

It's done, but something went wrong (as usual):

The window displaying help of option went bananas. I'm sure it's quite easy to fix.

The important refactoring is in the Menu class. It's going to be harder than this, but it has to be done. You would think there can't be anything left to refactor in a project like this, but you are wrong. The current Menu class is using simple text data with hard-set amount of items and a pointer to char* buffer. It's bad in several ways. What I need is ability to display each line of text in different colors (sometimes) and to do that you need a list of objects with text data and font color.

Fortunately I already have it, the Display_Message class that Message is now using to show a message. It's not designed for this, but later it can be replaced with any other class of same type.

Sometimes the menu list is changed, for example if you drop an item from inventory and that also is improved with list where only the selected item can be removed. With static char* buffer you need a complete re-build when the list is changed.

Later it could be also possible to create direct item menus (simply a list of items) without using a text based copy.

Let's hope I get it right this time...

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