Sunday, 27 July 2014

Clean-up (x2)

The level generation is working again mostly. Some new bugs, but nothing major. Both FOV and light map routines are off for now until I have the energy to concentrate on them. Maybe it's best this way, I can directly see the topology of the level when creating level themes.

There are more important things to do anyway. Next task is mainly go through level themes and add more things, starting from basic topology and then moving on game object distribution. There is a "trick" involved in the process, an idea I had while working on the new version of Teemu. It's of course a secret.

I guess it's these warm days, but I was upset when I noticed that save game routines for each game object type has to be refactored. Most of them were easy to convert, but couple of them needs more work. When I get upset it sometimes makes me clean up places. It's a woman-like way to react, but who cares.

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