Saturday, 16 August 2014

Stetson-Harrison project management

I was looking at the oldest files in the project and found two classes (four files) from 2009 that were not used anywhere. It's actually a problem in big projects that you can create multiple ways to do something and then some of that code is never used. These days I try to avoid writing anything for "future use", just as happened for those two classes.

It could be really nice to have an option to somehow mark files in the project different way. You know, when you have the list of files in the project you could mark "ready" files with green color (or something like that) and critical files with red, etc. Neither VC2010 or Code::Blocks has that feature. Some time ago I went to ask C::B developers if they could add that feature, but I got the typical "open source answer" to add it myself. No. You add it, you are the fucking developers of that piece of shit.

I've had problems with my health. Nothing major (I guess), but for couple of days I couldn't concentrate on anything. Sucks. I tried to go to doctor, but he is not in the house for thursdays or fridays. Public healthcare, you know. At monday I'm going to try again. I hate going to doctor, but enough is enough.

I try really hard to concentrate on fixing actual gameplay mechanics rather than fiddle around with source code quality (which is important in a way). When I refactored the map routines it broke stuff elsewhere. Funniest one was walk command (similar to 'g' in Nethack), pretty much everything broke in that routine.

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