Friday, 29 August 2014

Redesign of the gameview screen

So I went to doctor and got heavy antibiotics for three weeks plus alpha blocker medicine. It's interesting stuff, supposed to loosen the muscles of pelvic floor, but since I'm special it's affecting to all my muscles, including heart which is of course a muscle. For couple of hours after taking the pill my heart speeds up for quite a bit. It's annoying, but supposedly not very dangerous. However it's working, I'm feeling lot better now.

I've planned the next feature also for some time and now started to implement it. It's the gameview screen (stats, messages, etc. around the gameview) which is going to be modernized to 1.6 aspect ratio. The current resolution is 800x600+ something, but it changed vertically bigger when I added 5 lines of messages. Since displays today are almost all 1.6 ratio it makes sense to change the screen for that size. Even more important it feels like I'm actually planning the screen for the first time, because this far it has only included some of the stats.

The extra space is probably going to have both equipment and inventory as tiles with drag and drop functionality. Yet the UI is kept such that there is no need to use mouse, it's entirely optional and will work at the same time with more traditional keyboard commands.

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