Friday, 30 January 2015

Life hack & slash

During my unemployment period I've alarm clocked myself up early, leaving 5-6 hours sleeping time, but it didn't went that well and now I have to say that I need at least 7-8 hours of sleep. Maybe I'm getting old. Since I'm a kind of person that can't go to sleep early I have to oversleep. It doesn't even matter since I don't have a job. But I've set the alarm to wake me up 10:00 just to make sure I don't sleep too much.

The second hack is coffee. When I quit drinking coffee almost six months (or whatever) ago the problems with my prostate condition started. What is quite ironic is that coffee works better than alfusozin, a medicine designed for prostate diseases. I can't get over it how funny it is. However the effect of coffee is somewhat amplified in my case, because I'm a highly sensitive person. Also, I have to watch out drinking too much coffee, it's not good either. Two or three cups a day.

I'm still working on Level class. I knew it takes some time to sort it out, but it's a special case of course since so much is going on in Level such as dungeon generation and interactions between creatures and everything else. Creating some kind of rough versions of level themes is the next big task. More on that maybe on the next blog update.

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