Sunday, 4 January 2015

Todo: todo

I've began to create a class/function level list of things that either need some simple fix or require more design and thinking. This far my project management skills have been limited to a bug list and some random todos both in a external text file and source code "notes". It has been quite messy to be honest and now that I have scanned through some of the files I'm already convinced that this new todo list was a great idea. What I probably should do is not try to create a full list in one go, but first check smaller files, fix problems in them and then continue to larger files down the class hierarchy.

A recurring issue I'm quite often detecting is the way small data type classes don't have as much code (functionality) as they could. There are even classes that have a list (enum) of things and Get_Name(), but nothing else. Yet this is not a simple thing to fix, because the multitude of ways you can implement something. It's possible to use a really simple data class and just code the relating functionality elsewhere. The somewhat ironic notion is how increasing the data type class functionality often means the member functions literally become more functional as in functional programming paradigm. But it's not always a bad thing.

I'm looking at the new year with steadfast determination that defies the insignificant background noise of negative comments I've received.

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