Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Engine programming

Another three weeks off, but now back in the saddle. I have now a better idea how to proceed thanks to the master todo list I did earlier. First I have to finish some parts of the engine, which at the moment is the new save/load game scheme with the idea of keeping everything in memory rather than saving temp level files. I actually don't know how much the game will spend memory once every level is constructed, but I guess it can be monitored with a crude debug routine telling how much one level requires memory.

I'm also changing the "old school" way of loading game when you enter the character name and replace that with slots for save games. There is a limit for slots, but I doubt people will run out of slots, because usually there are only few open games.

The new save and load is actually going to be quite easy to do, because the "level node" structure is already stored in the world class. It may be as easy as adding a level handle to each node and when that node is entered the level is created. Each class can more or less save and load itself so that wont be a problem.

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