Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Graves & Tombs

Let's make this clear. Grave is a game object that contains buried grave items. It's either mound type or a tomb. Sign class can be a sign, but it can also contain a Grave_Stone class which has extra information about the grave in a form of cross or tombstone and it's a separate object created next to grave. When Sign class is a plain sign, it has a Scroll class data. And finally Item class can have a Scroll component if the item is a readable one.

Now the only (hopefully) thing left is how to determine the grave type. I think it could be easier to do by using monster type as the main data and determine grave and gravestone styles from that information. Then you can create graves using monster type as a parameter and everything else will be determined from that. Only that there may be problems with so called ancient graves where the monster type can be something strange, but maybe that monster type could be actually created as a monster never seen in the gameplay.

It's possible to go detailed about graves and what items there are buried, but I try to avoid that in the first version and try to keep things simple.

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