Sunday, 21 June 2015

New style

Back a while I was talking about how non-monospace fonts are really cool for editor fonts, but I've since then moved back to monospace. I have also moved the output window to left side of the screen and class browser to right side. That way there is no window at the bottom and the code window can be as tall as possible with more lines of code. I guess power users would use two monitors, but I've never felt it was the solution for me and also I don't even have space for that in my small desk. First world problems!

Then I changed colors to dark background theme with dark grey background and some colors for different stuff like keywords, strings, etc. I've used light (white) background theme for a long time. Somehow I feel the new style is doing something, if nothing else it's just good to see something different when you spend days, months and years programming.

ps. While watching more closely that function I realized it doesn't need that Coords parameter and it's also shadowed in the routine. It's already fixed so I don't need to be embarrassed about it.

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