Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Mountain of Doom

I have a clever and original analogy for creating a roguelike which is climbing a mountain, or maybe more like building a mountain. When you start the project there is lot of stuff to create at the base of the mountain and it's quite easy to add that stuff, but as you climb higher it becomes harder even the amount of features you still need are few. What makes the mountain steeper near the top is the realization that you need more details for some things than you expected when you started the project.

I want to convince myself that I'm now climbing at the steep part of the mountain, because I can feel a change in the way I'm programming the project. Each feature I'm able to remove from the todo list feels like one step closer to the top. But as I said the mountain is becoming steeper when I think of new ways to add more complexity to the gameplay. The top of the mountain is covered in clouds so it's impossible to see it from where I am now.

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  1. He he. Onwards, never give up!

    As always,