Tuesday, 9 March 2010


I may have talked about this earlier, but I have special comments in the source code starting with word "note:". Those parts of source contain a problem I have left to solve later. There are now 74 notes. Most of them are hard to fix and today I pretty much fixed one of them, which involved adding stuff to Score class (which I was talking about in 2008 blog entry). Fixing "note:" problems is as important as anything else in the source code, but they have been difficult to handle, because of generic difficulty or that something is still missing, like serialization which I now can handle, thanks to important experience from Teemu's serialization.


  1. I dunno what dev environment you are using, but if you are using Eclipse and the Java perspective (probably also present in others) it automatically picks up comments starting with TODO and displays them in the Tasks tab. very useful, but maybe it doesn't work for you...

  2. I'm using Visual C++. It's got nice searching routines so looking for those note:s isn't hard. Fixing the actual problems described by notes is harder...