Sunday, 19 September 2010

Project recovered

I think I found all files of Kaduria. There were of course more than just tiles, like fonts and misc. graphics. I remember that there was external data only for the precalculated light maps. The latest source files were recovered from a single source, that was exciting. The previous sources were stored month earlier. I don't know what I was doing, but now I'm going to make backups to everywhere I can. I think the latest source was really the latest and I don't have to do anything again, like I have to do with Stile where I was able to recover only the release version (0.82) sources while I had continued it later.

Now I have to wait what happens with VC++ registering which failed, because M$ registering message doesn't get through. They should fucking mail it as a real paper letter. I just need the registering code. Meanwhile I installed Code::Blocks but it's a temporary solution. It's a beta/alpha project and even years older DevC++ seems to be more stable. One of the great mysteries is why they didn't continue the development of DevC++? Just couple of tweaks (better search options like 'find by reference' and internal book keeping of source files) and it would be a great IDE. What the hell  have the developers been doing all these years?


  1. I will take a chance to ask the question that perfectly illustrates my ignorance, because that is pretty much what I do:

    Any chance at all either of the above would be useful? The latter at least, I think, something of a fork of DevC++ that kept active all these years...

  2. I can't remember exactly what the problem you were having registering VS was, but I seem to remember it was mail being blocked or some such? Why don't you set up a webmail account somewhere, gmail or whatever and use that to register instead?

  3. wxDevC++ is interesting, but only if you want widget stuff. C::B seems to work quite ok actually and I've already continued programming Kaduria with it. I could try to create that e-mail account if there is no other way.