Sunday, 5 June 2011


Some good progress today. I managed to tweak a routine for messages that places messages in a list and displays them later. It might look like an obvious solution, but it wasn't that back then. However I was pretty glad that it didn't take too much refactoring, in fact both styles work at the same time. I guess it's going to take some testing to check out everything, but that's what the players are for;)

I've been adding missing features and today I was able to program the container creation for item containers (bag, backpack, etc.) and also container routines for them, but that was pretty easy, because I copied the code from movable container. It has virtual functions and in places like this virtuals are cool. No need to re-factor anything, just add virtual routines for the class and that's it.

Now that I have a youtube account (Kricex) I'm planning to create a video demo of Kaduria as soon as the gameplay looks like there is something playable there.

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