Monday, 21 November 2011

Secret idea

I got my ass kicked by the first temple's boss in Zelda Skyward Sword. And I had one revitalizing potion (restores four hearts). So they finally decided to make Zelda harder. Well, one of the strange things is that I don't know how to use the shield. Would it help in that battle anyway? Maybe I'm going to cry for two days and then look for Youtube videos about how to beat that son of a bitch.

While playing Zelda I got an idea. It must remain a secret however, because it's going to change one of the main areas of a roguelike. And what is a better project to use that idea than next gen roguelike.


  1. To learn to use the shield, after you complete the dungeon go back to the fighting trainer in Skyloft and he'll explain it. Knowing how to use the shield will probably be very useful in this fight. It might also be a good idea to use the Bird Statue outside the boss room to warm outside, and from there return to Skyloft for more potions. Note, however, that when returning to the ground you can go right to the Bird Statue outside the dungeon, you will have to retraverse the dungeon to get back to the boss room, and the normal enemies will have returned. Locked and unbarred doors will still be open however, so it's not *that* much of a task to get back.

    If you have trouble with a boss, Fi will give you some advice if you target the boss and press control pad down. (As with the fairies and Midna in other games, this works on any enemy, and sometimes makes for funny reading on its own, but against bosses she won't spill all the beans until you've been defeated a time or two.) Even with a good strategy, Ghirahim is a remarkably challenging boss for the first dungeon of the game. (This is frequent for Zelda games -- in most, you start out with only three hearts after all. At least here you begin with six.)

    What follows is spoilers of a sort -- how to use your shield....

    To use the shield, first it must be equipped from the pouch. (If you don't have one in there, then you probably never bought it in the Skyloft Bazaar.) If it's active, you'll see it on Link's back. Shake the Nunchuk to get the shield in hand. While the shield is in hand, the sword isn't. To switch back to the sword, shake the Wiimote. Switching between the two in a timely manner is key to effective shield fighting.

    Shields have durability meters now. Every time a shield blocks a blow the meter goes down a bit, and if it runs out, it breaks. The Revitalization Potion will repair it, and you can both repair shields and make them more durable at the Scrap Shop, if you have the necessary materials and money.

    The best thing to do with a shield is to use the "shield bash" move. If an attack strikes your shield and you shake the Nunchuk the moment it hits, then the attack is deflected and the shield takes no damage. This is a very powerful maneuver.

    What follows is definitely a spoiler -- advice on how to beat Ghirahim:

    Fighting him is a process of getting his health down how you can, rather than taking advantage of a single specific moment of vulnerability. Several different things can inflict damage on him.

    The shield bash move, pulled off with the right timing, can often provides a special advantage; if Ghirahim attempts to hit you with his sword, a shield bash can stun him and let you get hits in. Additionally, his missile attacks can be reflected back with your sword. Notice that he sends them at you in lines. If you make the same kind of sword swing as the kind of line, you can reflect them all back with one blow. This doesn't stun him even if you pull it off right though; it just does some extra damage.

    When he rushes at you, I think it was, you can perform a spin attack to knock him out of it and stun him for a moment. That was the trick that enabled me to beat him my first time.

  2. Sounds good, but there is an easier way: use spin attack all the time. Spin attack works with most basic monsters also. It WAS difficult without spin attack (which I didn't remember then).