Wednesday, 8 January 2014


I have a new plan for Kaduria which is choose some items in todo-list and give them an id and estimated development time. Then follow that order and try to implement them. It should be easy and I already chose ten hours of programming for nine items.

Some items can't be implemented without knowing stuff related to them. It's the difficult part of game programming when you don't have a detailed plan or you don't yet know how stuff is going work with other stuff. It's also something I have to concentrate on better.

Those 9 items are about 20% of all unfinished items in the list, not counting level themes. The reason for that is that level themes are too big to be in todo list anyway, first they have to be broken into smaller pieces, because many level generation techniques are reused in other themes. That 20% is not accurate also because there are more "todos" written in the source code directly.

This new plan should be better than just looking at the source code puzzled what to do next.

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