Saturday, 11 January 2014

When it's done

The first item of 10 hour todo list was easy. Then I realized before doing anything else I have to fix the message routine, just like I did for Teemu. This time of course I can use new parts of Teemu's routine, but even then there are work to do with Kaduria's message system. Like with level generation I once thought it would be nice to create a complete engine for messages, but it became too complex and unwieldy for what it was supposed to do. So, rather than trying to make the system work in one way I'm using several different ways that all ultimately use the core routine.

People often ask when Kaduria is ready. It's getting annoying. For a long time I've planned to release the game without telling anyone. Just download the first version in the homepage of Kaduria and let it be there until someone finds it. Let people keep asking when it's released and all the time it's there.

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