Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Update areas rewrite

There are rectangle areas dividing screen in parts and update each of them when their flag is set. At least with software mode of SDL this is a good idea, because it certainly does speed up the game compared to full screen update. Besides not only updates, the background graphics are also re-drawn when something happens in that area.

I've been refactoring those areas, because I needed to change message output to 5 lines and scrolling mode. The ancient nature of GUI was revealed when I noticed that almost all actual output to those areas were hard wired with another set of coordinates. So.. this is how it looks now:

Those purple dotted lines show the areas as debug method to actually see where they are. I already fixed the small map, but as you can see the gameview is in wrong place and stats also (and some areas itself), displaying only the last line: Water. This is a minor fix however. From now on the content coordinates are retrieved from the area data only and in future I can easily change the locations of areas if needed. One possible option I can think of already is switching the places of location (bottom line) and messages.

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