Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Farm Simulator 2016

Simulating plant life is interesting, but sadly quite complex subject to handle. I'm currently revisiting plant game object class and trying to improve it in moderate steps, not trying too hard to create a complete system, but build firm roots for it.

Sometimes I have jokingly called Kaduria a farm simulator which it's of course going to be. What could be more interesting that watch grass and other plants grow?

Even I have now Mac Mini as my music studio computer I think it's somewhat unstable and unpredictable kind of computer. No matter how much people complain about Win7 it's actually super stable once you get it to run steadily. I think only problem with PC/Windows is the way Windows penetrates hard drive all the time, making HD the part of PC most likely to break in a long run.

Mavericks (I think it's the name of latest MacOSX or whatever) has crashed already twice, something that almost never happens to Win7 itself. I think OSX's unix background gives it some kind of ancient feel if you know what I mean.

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