Friday, 7 March 2014

Mask map class

I'm back to Kaduria. It's useful to switch projects when something gets boring and you feel stuff is not going to proceed. Returning to project after a break often works, because it's then easier to get new ideas and solutions to problems.

Currently I'm working on the mask map problem and as terrain map it really needs a derived map class with a set of routines to return abstracted (the verbose public interface I have mentioned often) information rather than using enum mask values everywhere.

I have also developed a slightly different kind of way to look at todo list items and evaluate their importance and also the ways how to solve them. I think I'm now much less concerned about good (or even perfect) solutions. I've started to use a kind of sketch solution just to make something work. I believe it's much better than just staring at some item in the list and getting nowhere with it.

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