Saturday, 26 August 2017

FOV hardships part 2

Last time I wrote about a routine that seemed to work nicely, but for some reason I could not use light values for that routine. I couldn't figure out how to calculate values or even how to use an array of values to attach to visible tile calculated by it.

Not only that, it's almost as adding "salt to my wounds" (a saying we have in finnish) I received an e-mail from a guy who's identity I wont reveal since he used e-mail. Anyway, I'm calling him "Mr. Man". He wrote me about his game and a FOV routine which not only is a great FOV but also a perfect lighting routine taking account light direction. I wrote last time that I didn't know how to solve "other side of wall light" but in fact I did know that you need four values per tile to lit each side. Just how in practice you implement it is another story.

So Mr. Man was telling me how he solved those problems, but he didn't show any source code. Since everyone knows me they also know that I have difficulties to understand even simple algorithms and math. It felt quite bad to be honest, him mocking me with his perfect routine. It was almost like women mocking me that I can't have sex with them. He could post his routines to Roguebasin or RogueTemple for everyone, but I doubt he would do it. Well I think his game is going to be bad anyway. Or if it's good I'm going to play it. If it's free, of course.

I'm kind of back in square one, but I have solved lighting calculations by realizing that I can use an array of data for lighting values. It's static data and you need an array for each size of light source, but it's not that bad. The problem is still FOV, but I'm not entirely without ideas. The routine I have in Teemu is working, it's just bit slower, because it has special checks for gaps of line-of-sight. But it's not that slow I guess.

The wall facing is a problem, because you could detect creatures walking with a light source from another side of a wall. Yet I think it's not going to be too difficult to implement once I have a working FOV routine.

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