Monday, 21 August 2017

FOV hardships

I have found a somewhat nice FOV from Roguebasin which I'm trying out. The algorithm is not something that I actually understand, but I guess it's not obligatory. With FOV I'm also programming lighting which is an essential part of the gameview. It has taken quite lot of time trying to solve all problems related to those two features.

Lighting does have an "interesting" problem in 2D map, because you can have a lightsource at the other side of the wall, but it's still lighting the wall on this side. I don't yet know if there is a solution to that or should there be. It's not the worst kind of problem after all, it just may look funny.

What is also funny is how long it has actually taken to come up with a solution to both of these seemingly simple features. Sometimes it can be depressing to think about it and when you don't focus on a particular feature you can delay the depression for quite a while. But this time I have decided to finish one feature at a time and not let it wait any longer. I'm going to stick to this problem as long as it takes and not do anything else.

So while trying to solve this I have already decided the next feature which is the way objects are reacting to terrain. I know, even that is not yet done properly, but it also will be more complex than usual.

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