Tuesday, 20 December 2011

GUI development

I was right about text updates, most of them work without update inside the Text class. GUI class is actually almost ready and it's doing the job properly for most of parts. The biggest problem is how to draw and update parts from different sources. They also probably need notification instead of direct update which would lead to multiple drawing operations per turn. The good thing is that a roguelike doesn't have that much GUI stuff.

Back about three or four weeks I injured my elbow. The doctor said, judging from x-ray images, that it's some kind of calcification resulted from a long period of inflammation. I guess it's probably right, because I've had tennis elbow for a long time now. The injure came in weight training of course and I think it was a disaster waiting to happen. So, it looks like my training days are over, at least until this is healed completely. I don't want to reach the point where I can't move my fingers anymore. That would suck.

The bright side is that I have more energy to spend on something else like roguelike development. It's going to be a positive thing for this project and I already feel I'm getting more results in shorter time.

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