Saturday, 17 December 2011

Update rectangles

Gameview is also being re-designed for consistent behavior in drawing and updating. The gameview is divided into rectangles which are updated only once during a turn when a flag is set for that area. It removes multiple updates and makes things both faster and also aware of what should be updated. Update rectangles are needed, because Kaduria is using only software output without any hardware acceleration. It's easier and more portable in the end, and I feel that a roguelike has no need for hardware routines.

I have also finished the structure of the gameview. It's going to have quick item icons for using items with keys 1-7, and status icons. Both of them will have explanation text when hovering over with mouse cursor. One thing I'm not sure about is the debug radar which is a small level map. I guess it could be visible in non-debug mode also, but it should be re-written to display only what the player has discovered.

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