Friday, 9 December 2011

Hero coder

People keep calling me a hero coder (literal translation from finnish language). I guess it's some kind of joke, because sometimes I write comments about social media games like Minecraft and Angry Birds. Even writers of popular Pelit-magazine (biggest gaming magazine in Finland) make regular references to me. It's cute and flattering, but I don't care about that kind of thing a lot. You know, being a celebrity.

I think there has been misunderstandigs about my comments on social media games. I don't hate them or lucky developers who get zillions by taking advantage of the social media. They are game developers just like myself. Except that they own ridiculous amount of money and some of them wear a hat which attracts women.

The biggest misconception is that people think in their own terms like being jealous about money and girls. I don't get that. Game development is my hobby and I'm pretty devoted to it. It means I'm interested in game development itself, not money or girls. Being a roguelike developer means you are in the forefront of game developers. We don't just make games as products but in the next generation roguelike genre we make something new. It's a way no one has explored earlier. And that exactly is the reason I'm making games.

Some people measure success in money (or amout of girls) which means Minecraft is a great game. But if you were a game developer and look at Minecraft from developer's point of view, then it would not be that interesting. Still, as I stated before, I'm happy about the unexpected success of social media games or more like products. They just don't have a lot to do with hardcore game development which is a small sector of game genres living and surviving under the pressure of this commercial world.

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  1. The correct term in English might be "Cowboy coder" (but it doesn't mean exactly the same thing):

    Don't you think they did *something* right with Minecraft as it kind of started a new genre (or recreated it). At least it offers something that has been missing from games.