Saturday, 9 October 2010

Environmental thinking

Terrain data needs to be refactored, because there are duplicated stuff for it. I probably need only main type for terrains and data associated to different things related to terrain actions. Terrain part has been difficult in Kaduria, because terrains used to be a lot more complex. Now they are just piece of dirt or water etc. But you can't underestimate the complexity of terrain actions since they play such a big role in the gameplay.

If I ever make another roguelike of this magnitude I will certainly make terrain tiles objects that are derived from base class just like all other object types. That would have made things much easier from the beginning. The distinction between objects and terrains cause a lot of extra work.

I need to clear the confusion in terrain part of the source code once and for all. I think it's good to start from the main type data and see what can be included in that, then move to terrain type class. I think this is the task for this weekend.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

The cheese hits Shamino

That's the message I got when I threw a cheese while standing next to wall. So it's not yet there, but almost! I'm happy that I can now navigate through the dungeon, although the level saving doesn't work yet so the game is creating a new level every time. And rooms are taken off momentarily so it's only caverns and corridors.

May sound funny, but I'm excited when I get simple things done like entering a new level or throwing an item. Well, "done" in a way that you can see something happen. The final routines are always much more complex but I'm not thinking about that now. I want to get simple working versions. When I get most of basic functions like throwing, kicking and basic combat I want to make a Youtube video from Kaduria's gameplay. I think that will give people some idea and prepare them for not being too disappointed.