Sunday, 30 October 2016

New tiles for automap

The tile size of automap is one of the special problems I have seen before during this project which is tiles getting too small for modern resolutions. The size of automap tile is 12 x 12 pixels and it's just slightly too small. Resizing to something like 16 x 16 could make a difference.

The automap routine is quite good at handling the change of size I think. It doesn't yet have any special features I'm planning, it's simply displaying the explored map. The automap could have some kind of world structure where you would select visited places and view the map of them. Writing comments on maps could also be a useful feature.

Thursday, 13 October 2016


I've entered into a nice mood or flow in programming. I think it's the result of leaving Rogue Temple forums. Or it might be the vitamin D I've started to take. Currently I'm going through game object classes and checking out virtual functions. There is a kind of problem when letting virtual functions "to do" later. When designing a virtual function logic you should write all versions for derived classes as soon as possible to find out problems with function parameters etc. For example it looks like I have to add 'actor' parameter for Break function for game objects, but we'll see it when testing that functionality.

One of the funny things I've noticed when programming a large project like this is just calm down and work for couple of hours at a time to get into that flow. Also, I have started to write more comments rather than less. It's such an important part of programming, but often neglected as it seems when looking at some source codes of roguelike games. Writing good comments is a skill, because it usually has to be in a form of summary rather than explaining line-by-line what is happening when you should be able to read the source code itself to find it out.