Sunday, 27 March 2011

Brick Atelier development

Well, now it's time to continue Brick Atelier (former Stile), a sprite editor made for Kaduria. The thing is that I'm using it to draw all tiles and it's missing a key feature: import. I need that for some tiles. I haven't touched BA since last year so time is really flying fast. I had a new idea how to refactor the user interface. It's a needed feature for the release of new version. I don't mind about GUI elements getting in weird places but it's better to fix that for actual release. BA has 10490 lines of code so it's actually quite large project. The main reason for the large size is the custom GUI I made myself. Only the Windows file dialog is not a part of the custom GUI.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Feature days

I try to fix one feature or bug per day. It's a lot for the recent development speed. Oh, Duke Nukem Forever is delayed which is "good" news since I "promised" one level demo (or something) released at the same time when Duke gets out. But I somehow know it's not going to happen. I mean the release of Kaduria's demo.

Things look better now though. It feels like everything I do now is solid, something that doesn't need refactoring later. It feels almost sad to say that after 453 years of development.

Monday, 14 March 2011

The pit problem

A pit in two-dimensional game can produce unwanted logic problems. It's lower than ground level so there should be support for third dimension. But sometimes there isn't and that's the problem in Kaduria. Let's say you push a boulder in the pit. That's easy. What happens if there is something in the pit already, like another boulder or a monster? They don't fit in the same pit, but there is no way to put the boulder on top of anything, because there isn't support for third dimension.

I guess it's time to add that support. I really tried to go with only two dimensions, but it's impossible with the level of complexity Kaduria has.