Friday, 21 August 2015


After I tried to write an ascii gui or engine (called "Knights") I started to have more motivation for Kaduria again. At least it seems to work for me. I realized that even Kaduria's source code is quite messy, it still has lot of stuff ready or almost ready while programming Knights I got a feeling that "here we go again..."

Item identification is one of features not yet present, because the current implementation of frame displaying (frame is static data) makes it difficult to do, yet not impossible. The main problem is the decision to use identification in first place. It's not mandatory in a roguelike game, but at least for some item groups it could be nice.

And by nice I mean annoying. I think magic items could benefit from identification, because then they would include an extra risk when using them, before they have been identified. There absolutely will not be cursed items in Kaduria and weapons will probably not have any magical properties. That way there would be a clear distinction between regular and magic objects.